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Obishikokaang Resources Corporation Job Opportunity
Operations Technician

Obishikokaang Resource Corporation employs a Forestry Operations Technician who performs a variety of mostly outdoor assignments and implements complicated forest management projects. This technician works independently, drives a vehicle to often-changing forest jobsites, walks on forest slopes, and uses their applied-knowledge to complete assigned tasks.

Forestry technician assignments may include: contract inspect & administer, contract prepare, survey & inventory, locate & assess, field measure & record, field designate, plan & design, quality control, appraisal, bid & negotiate, purchase & trade, and assist the professional foresters. As the most common technician job, the forestry technician has four different specialties:

  1. Sale Preparation Technician—Performs jobs such as: timber cruising; timber marking; unit boundary layout & traverse; cable profiles; harvest designation; GIS mapping; inventory examinations
  2. Timber Harvest Technician— Performs jobs such as: timber appraisal; logging contract inspection & oversight; log quality control; log yard/deck sorts; bidding; log buying; timber procurement
  3. Reforestation Technician— Performs jobs such as: regeneration plans; contract inspection & oversight for tree planting, site preparation, erosion control seeding, cone collection, stocking survey, seedling protection, release-vegetation control, predator control, invasive brush control, slash piling
  4. Stand Management Technician— Performs jobs such as: pre-commercial thinning; fertilization; forest protection; fire prevention; road monitoring; road gating & access management; recreation management; GIS mapping of features; special uses


  • Drivers License
  • High school diploma or GED; preferred study in forestry technology at high school, trade school or community college
  • Learn from work with experienced forestry technician
  • Demonstrated safe performance; written forestry handbooks and technical guides; on-the-job-training.
  • Work experience as a forestry aid, logging crew or forestry crew preferred