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Obishikokaang Resources Corporation Job Opportunity
IT Manager & GIS Technician

Obishikokaang Resource Corporation (ORC) employs an IT Manager and GIS Technician to manage the Corporation’s Geographic Information System.

The IT Manager/GIS Technician’s responsibilities include:

  • Design, development and management of the ArcGIS server geodatabase
  • Management of the Geographic Information System
  • Providing leadership, guidance and support to operational and planning teams for information technology needs
  • Sourcing new technology
  • Providing relevant training, optimizing workflows and budgeting related to IT
  • Performing complex mapping and data analysis tasks, including spatial analysis, geo-processing, developing scripts and models
  • Supporting other staff engaged in the management and processing of data for analysis and reporting
  • Production and maintenance of operational map templates
  • GPS management

Job requirements:

  • Post-secondary education or equivalent experience in forestry and/or information technology (IT) / Geographic Information System (GIS)
  • A minimum of 3-5 years’ GIS experience
  • Geo-processing, server management, SQL and Arc Workstation experience
  • Knowledge of Ontario Forest Management Planning requirements
  • Extensive programing, spatial analysis and database knowledge
  • Ability to manage and deliver information services to forestry management teams

Experience maintaining the integrity of information databases and information systems