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Obishikokaang Resources Corporation Job Opportunity
Field Operations Supervisor

Obishikokaang Resource Corporation (ORC) employs a Field Operations Supervisor who accomplishes work plans with the forest management team as well as work crews and contractors in regards to road and water crossing maintenance and resource protection. This position works outdoors, requires daily travel to job sites, safety clothing/ PPE and excellent physical fitness required.

The Field Operations Supervisor’s duties and responsibilities include:

  • Overseeing the safe production of an 8-10 person crew, including the safe use of several machines and trucks
  • Communicates safe equipment movement instructions using several radio and hand signals.
  • Directing road construction methods, operations, machinery, materials and shift workforce
  • Ensuring that ORC’s  Environmental Management System (EMS) principles are being observed and enforced
  • Maintaining product quality
  • Ensuring that operations are being conducted in a safe manner, per the Health & Safety Act
  • Road building work involves locating and designing roads, surveying, staking, falling & clearing
  • Inspect, build and maintain roads, culverts and water crossings according to MNRF regulations.

Job requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree required, Master’s degree preferred, in forestry or natural resource sciences
  • Training as a supervisor
  • Experience supervising 8-10 person crews
  • On-the-job experience with forest road and engineering crews preferred
  • Ability to oversee safe use of relevant machinery and tools; experience using & servicing chainsaws

Familiarity with bridge and water crossing regulations and inspections, and with road maintenance policies and regulations