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Lac Seul Forest News – 2016 Edition: Issue 2

Success of the Road Building and Maintenance Operations

The ORC road building team continues working on road maintenance activities in the Lac Seul Forest. In the first half of the fiscal year ORC crews completed over 50 % of the eligible work which equated to over $550,000 in contracted work.  These operations provide 9 full time jobs and they are all currently filled by Lac Seul Community Members.
ORC’s main focus in on continuing to manage the Lac Seul Forest, exploring opportunities to expand our road building capacity, and providing other services. We are investigating building the capacity (staff, building, service truck) to provide “in-house” mechanical services that are currently contracted outside of the ORC team.  We are hopeful that the financial analysis will be completed in the next 12 months and the presentation will be made to the Board for their decision. If implemented, we expect the mechanical servicing operation to create 4 more full time jobs.