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Lac Seul Forest News – 2016 Edition: Issue 1

Expanding Operations and Creating New Jobs

Obish is working on an exciting business expansion  project.  So  far  this  year,  ORC  has  purchased  a  new  dump  truck  &  trailer,   grader,   wheeled   backhoe   and   a  small  excavator  and  to  begin  road  maintenance  activities  in  the  Lac  Seul  Forest   and   in   the   community.      This   expansion  has  created  5  new  full  time  jobs, all currently filled by Band Members. Though ORC’s main focus is on continuing to manage the Lac Seul Forest, there are opportunities   to   expand   our   services   and  projects  to  other  forestry  and  non-forestry related activities as we continue to  grow.  These  opportunities,  such  as  road  maintenance  activities,  create  new  jobs   in   our   community   and   increase   revenue  for  ORC  which  is  invested  in  sustainable growth for the company and increased training programs for capacity development  to support  our  growing  employee base.