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Lac Seul Forest, Northwestern Ontario

Lac Seul Forest is a 1.1 million hectare forest located in Northwestern Ontario, Canada. The communities of Sioux Lookout, Hudson, Frenchmen’s Head, White Fish Bay and Kejick Bay are established within its borders and it rests on the traditional lands of Lac Seul First Nation and Slate Falls First Nation. It is the first forest in Ontario to be managed by a First Nation. The forest is situated within the Boreal Forest Region and contains stands of spruce, jack pine, poplar, and birch. It is a vast ecosystem, home to many species of animals, birds and fish that travel the land, sky and lake waters within its borders.

Lac Seul First Nation

Lac Seul First Nation, also known as Obishikokaang, is the oldest Reserve in the Sioux Lookout District. The Reserve is made up of the communities of Kejick Bay, White Fish Bay and Frenchman’s Head, all located on the shores of Lac Seul.

The flooding of Lac Seul, as a result of the construction of a dam at Ear Falls in 1929, had a devastating affect on these communities. Kejick Bay became an island, separated from the mainland.

Over 800 Band Members live on the Reserve, many more live in the surrounding area, while others members live in various places around the world. Lac Seul and the surrounding forest have always provided for the economic and cultural well being of the people of Obishikokaang. Today Lac Seul First Nation plays a leading role in the management of all natural resources within their traditional territory.