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Obishikokaang Resources Corp.

Obishikokaang Resources Corporation was established in 2012, by Chief and Council to manage the Lac Seul Forest and to provide economic development opportunities for the Lac Seul First Nation. Since that time, Obishikokaang Resources has proven itself to be an effective and successful forest manager, working closely with all stakeholders on the forest, including the communities of Lac Seul First Nation, Hudson and Sioux Lookout.

ORC holds a forest resources license to manage Lac Seul Forest since July 2012.

Obishikokaang Resources has increased the flow of fiber from the forest, reduced forest management costs and remains a financially independent company.

ORC oversees planning, harvesting, siviculture, (seeding, planting, tending) and road building, while protecting culturally sensitive values, instilling traditional knowledge, conserving animals habitats and maintaining our renewable resources in an environmental and economical  way in partnership with LSFN.

Our Goals

Lac Seul First Nation, also known as Obishikokaang, is the oldest Reserve in the Sioux Lookout District. The Reserve is made up of the communities of Kejick Bay, White Fish Bay and Frenchman’s Head, all located on the shores of Lac Seul.



  • Maximize economic development opportunities associated with managing the Lac Seul Forest
  • Build capacity within the community to operate all aspects of this organization
  • Meet and exceed forest management obligations as outlined in the License and Forest Management Plan
  • Ensure adequate flow of revenue to cover the cost of forest management activities
  • Identify and implement opportunities for band members and local business to work directly and indirectly on the forest
  • To establish long term sustainable economic growth for both the community and the surrounding region